World Of Warplanes Gets Airborne With Holiday Specials


This is a busy time of year, what with Christmas and New Year’s Day coming on fast. Be that as it may, thinks we can all find time to squeeze in some “World of Warplanes” time, and better yet, the company is giving us extra incentive to do it.

For starters, Update 1.1 is live, bringing with it new maps (than you!), nine new Focke-Wulf German planes, and more that you can read about here. Plus, in the spirit of giving, all players are going to be receiving a free Curtiss Hawk III Chinese tier II Premium plane as a thank you for making the game’s launch a successful one.

On this pre-holiday weekend, all battles are worth 2x experience (through Sunday, December 22 at 9:30 pm PST), and darn near everything is 50 percent off. The icing on the cake is a contest that could net you a Alienware Aurora Gaming Desktop or a German premium plane. All you have to do is play the brand new Training mission that went live in Update 1.1—or all four tutorials for new players—before the contest ends on Sunday, January 5 at 23:59 PST. One lucky winner will get the computer, while 10 others get the planes.

So to recap: attend parties, see family, exchange gifts, play “World of Warplanes.” Sounds like a plan.