Top 10 Interesting Video Game Stories Of 2013

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3. 2013: Year of the Narrative

We are in the middle of a shift for gaming, I believe. During the last generation, it became more about online multiplayer gaming experiences over couch co-op. Right now, especially in 2013, we are seeing the openness of what the public are willing to accept as a game.

By nature, if we operate with a piece of media and that interactivity moves events along, it is considered a game. This year, we saw some well-received games offer to use gameplay to tell a narrative or focus heavily on a story. Gone Home, The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead; all these games focus on a story at the expense of what we consider contemporary gameplay mechanics. The Stanley Parable took it one step further, going ahead with an interactive meta-narrative parody about the nature of games themselves.

With Gone Home being considered a Game of the Year by numerous gaming outlets and Telltale Games picking up 2 more gaming series (Game of Thrones, Tales From The Borderlands) to provide a story-driven tale for, it seems that the story-driven game no longer requires it to be a cinematic action adventure game similar to the Uncharted series or The Last of Us.