Top 10 Interesting Video Game Stories Of 2013

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4. Ouya: The People’s Android-Based Home Console

It may not have been the greatest console to be released, but it certainly turned heads. The Ouya saw its release to the public in 2013, thanks in no small part to almost $9 million dollars in crowdfunding from Kickstarter. This Android 4.1-powered device utilizes an open concept, with hackability and the use of multiple controller types to play games with. Fans of console gaming were tired of the expensive hardware options on the market and were ready to drop less than a hundred dollars to see something made by gaming fans for the fans.

Unfortunately, the Ouya was more of a good concept than a viable console. It seems only evident to those with interest in the console that the capabilities of a smartphone in a piece of home gaming hardware were rather limiting. Additionally, there are just no games worth mentioning that don’t operate better elsewhere. Still, it is a remarkable feat, as a community, to gather money for a relatively-unknown company to even dare to compete with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony in the gaming market.