Top 10 Interesting Video Game Stories Of 2013

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1. PS4 vs. Xbox One 2: Electronics Boogaloo

Honestly, there could be nothing to top the list of interesting video game stories of 2013 than the battle for the home console between the PS4 and Xbox One. Sony announced first back in February, with Microsoft countering in late May. While Sony learned their lesson in their goal of making a multimedia device ahead of its game focus, Microsoft acted with hubris. Their initial vision saw 24 hour internet handshakes, an always-connected Kinect sensor and a used games policy that went through Microsoft.

The fan reaction was insane. Petitions were filed, voices were heard; Microsoft had to ditch all their DRM schemes so close to the end of development. The result: 21 launch countries were reduced to 13. Worldwide launch was scheduled for November 22. Meanwhile, Sony geared for a USA/Canada launch on November 15, Europe/Australia/South America launch on November 29th and non-Japanese Asian countries in December.

Most importantly, everyone was talking about these consoles. Politicians, athletes, actors, parents, pastors, teachers; the PS4 vs Xbox One and where you lied was the talk of the town. Even South Park created a 3-part mini-series of their show dedicated to the “console wars” and the ideology behind such consumerism. More than anything else this year in gaming, the most interesting video game story of 2013 was PS4 vs Xbox One.