Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 12/21/13


"It looks like Grand Theft Auto V is going to be released on next generation consoles next year. The next generation ports of the game have been rumored for quite some time but never really got confirmed.The news comes from an interview on Opie & Anthony’s SiriusXM program with Lazlow from Rockstar games, who has pretty much confirmed that a port is indeed in the works. He doesn’t really say the words, to be honest, but it’s pretty obvious if you read between the lines."


"After failing to sell at auction last week, 38 Studios’ Amalur MMO Copernicus is now nothing more than “a lot of junk,” Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee said Thursday on a public affairs show on WJAR-TV. As reported by The Associated Press, Chafee explained that he had hoped the game would sell at auction, but wasn’t surprised by the fact that no acceptable offers for the property were made.38 Studios was working on the game, helped in part from a controversial 2010 $75 million loan guarantee, when the company went bankrupt last year. Rhode Island taxpayers are now left with millions in debt, and the state hoped the auction would help recoup some of that debt.However, only 38 Studios subsidiary Big Huge Games properties like Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends sold during the auction, bringing in just $320,000."


"More details have emerged regarding the content which had to be cut from South Park: The Stick of Truth before it managed to scrape an Australian R18+ release.The material which the Board deemed too high impact for R18+ content guidelines included scenes set in an abortion clinic, and an interactive sequence involving alien anal probes."