Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 12/20/13


"While Microsoft and Sony celebrate early sales victories for their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video game consoles, the forecast for Nintendo and its Wii U looks grim.Last Thursday, Nintendo said sales of its Wii U console surged 340% in the U.S. last month, following a price drop to $299 instituted in September and the long-awaited arrival of fresh games, notably the critical darling Super Mario 3D World.That more than three-fold increase sounds great. However, the Wii U has “really struggled,” says David Cole of DFC Intelligence. He says that by the end of November both the just launched PS4 and Xbox One had surpassed the Wii U’s total sales in 2013."

USA Today

"One of the very things that I think Sony had hoped would happen with the release of the PlayStation 4 has come to pass. People are buying PlayStation Vitas.According to MCV, sales of the handheld increased quite significantly following the availability of the Playstation4 at retail. They say, in the UK at least, that sales of the beleaguered handheld rose by 68 per cent in the week of PS4′s launch, and  by 65 per cent the following week. no word on real numbers, but it seems to be a significant jump."


"One independent developer is attempting to organize a movement in response to the recent rise of YouTube copyright claims against Let’s Play videos and other gaming-focused content on the video site.Lars Doucet, cofounder of Defender’s Quest developer Level Up Labs, has created a wikia directory page calledWhoLetsPlay (based on the Twitter hashtag) where video creators can easily find out which publishers allow monetized Let’s Play videos and which don’t.YouTube said this week that it is standing by its controversial copyright policy after many angry gamers spoke out against it. A letter to affected users featured no apology or policy reversal, but rather an explanation of the scenario and tips for creators going forward."