Gamer Gets 29 Games From Secret Santa On Reddit


Most of the time, secret Santa gift exchanges don’t net you anything too exciting. Even if you and the other participants drop some awesome hints, it may not lead to everyone getting something they really want.

Then there are those times you are in a secret Santa group on Reddit. And your secret Santa ends up being an EA employee. And you ask for one video game and end up getting 29.

That actually happened to a user who goes by Sinister-meow. Just by pure dumb luck, he ended up paired up with someone who worked with someone who worked for EA, and after talking to co-workers and people at PlayStation, he was able to come through with 29 PS3 games ranging from “BioShock Infinite” to “Just Dance 2014” to several EA Sports titles. EA also threw in some extra merch, making for one pretty nice Christmas package.

That’s not too shabby, and while it doesn’t quite match the good karma of Bill Gates’ gift to his Reddit secret Santa recipient, I’d imagine there should be at least some positive vibes headed the way of the anonymous EA worker. Incidentally, you can check out to see how the whole thing works. Just don’t expect that you’ll get a whole library full of video games. Unless, of course, you do.