EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition: Product Review

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“Danger Game”

This is an honest to goodness full-sized board game that can best be thought of as a slightly grittier version of  “The Game of Life.” As the story goes, the folks at CCP Games dreamt it up to fund the first version of “EVE Online,” and this marks its first appearance in English.

It was intended to teach youngsters about the dangers of making bad decisions, including ones involving drugs. As such, it might be the only board game I’ve ever seen that has a “Cocaine” card. Getting it is a bad thing, as it kills off multiple brain cells. Get it? “Danger Game!”

As a throw-in, this is a perfectly acceptable novelty. The tin holds all of the many cards, playing pieces and tokens, but the actual board doesn’t fit inside, so there’s no obvious place to store it except inside the big box. Our review copy also had some minor quality control issues (cards off-center, etc.).