Zumba Fitness World Party Review


Platforms: Wii U, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Developer: Zoe Mode

Publisher: Majesco Entertainment

Just in time for those New Year’s Resolutions – Zumba Fitness World Party.  Who doesn’t like working off those pounds after the holidays?  Well I certainly do, especially after eating all of the cheesecake and turkey my heart desires (or doesn’t desire according to my doctor).

Zumba Fitness World Party is just that – Zumba from around the world!  Zumba Fitness World Party burns those calories right off all while watching world class Zumba instructors from around the globe.  Beto Perez, one of the original creators of Zumba, is on screen to help you get pumped for Zumba in your living room as one of the instructors during your workout.

Players learn different dance styles from around the world which include Salsa, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, and much more while exploring in World Tour Mode.  During World Tour Mode, additional songs unlock as you progress through the seven destinations from around the world.

My first Zumba class began in Puerto Rico and the different songs/moves I learned were amazing.  One of the songs, “Limbo” by Daddy Yankee, definitely had me breaking a sweat.  The songs progress in intensity as you get further into the workout.  Have plenty of water nearby for those very short breaks in between songs!

The game tracks every movement and rewards you with points that unlock special videos for viewing in the future.  Having trouble with the moves?  That’s ok, head on over to tutorial mode and you can learn every move there is for each song so you can have a more fluent Zumba session.

The game is designed to move at your pace.  You can set various goals such as how many calories you’d like to burn so Zumba Fitness World Party can help develop a plan suited for you.  It will show you how long you need to do your sessions and which level of Zumba you should join which range from Low, Medium, and High intensities.

In addition, the game tracks your technique score in each mode along with the goals you’ve met and how many total calories you’ve burned.  No need for a separate app!

The game has 45 pre-set classes that you can choose from or you can build your own in the customize mode.  Choose which intensity and which songs you’d like to do to keep your work-out fresh each and every day of the week.  Want to do Zumba with a friend?  Of course you do.  The Xbox One supports two players.

There’s no need to leave your home to commute to the gym to take a Zumba class with this type of customization on a gaming console in your living room.  The Xbox One’s Kinect is at its finest in Zumba Fitness World Party, and is remarkably responsive when performing the various moves in the workout.

However, the voice controls through the various menus are spotty, especially if you like to crank up the volume during your sessions.  Not to mention, the voice navigation is downright awkward.  Stick to using your hands when trying to navigate or you’re likely to get frustrated.

Having played other Zumba games on the market, Zumba Fitness World Party is, by far, the best in the franchise.  The music is refreshing, the controls are refreshing, and seeing world class instructors perform the moves on screen make you feel as if you were in one of their training rooms.

Play every night, and I can guarantee you will lose weight.  So remember when you’re sitting at the dinner table for the holidays, go out and pick up Zumba Fitness World Party to burn off that meal (or meals) you’re eating.  Grab a partner and help each other stay motivated, and always remember to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.  After all, we want you to stay safe!