Mobile Launch Roundup: Sensei Wars, Dark District, Big Win Racing, Arena Of Heroes

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Arena of Heroes

How about an asynchronous MOBA? It sounds a little strange, but it might be perfect for mobile devices and for anyone who feels like they’ll never be able to handle the pure speed of the action in games like “League of Legends.”

“Arena of Heroes” brings that concept to life on the iPad with 15 different heroes, each with multiple skins. Players can spped up the leveling time of their hereos through in-game rewards or in-app purchases, the better for mastering the art of warfare inside the arena.

To celebrate the iPad launch, the first 50,000 player accounts will receive the “Moleten Ivan” premium skin shown above for free. Sneaky Games and Perfect World have big plans for “Arena of Heroes,” with iPhone, Android, PC and Mac versions all in the works for true cross-platform play in the near future.