Fallout 1, 2, And Tactics Free In GOG.com Winter Sale


Who doesn’t want some free “Fallout?” That’s not the nasty nuclear kind but the gaming kind, which anyone who’s ever played it (and that’s mostly everyone) will tell you is much better. GOG.com is literally giving away copies of “Fallout,” “Fallout 2,” and “Fallout Tactics” during the first 48 hours of its Winter Sale, which has already kicked off and is running through December 29.

And while nothing is quite as good as free, GOG.com has over 600 other games that are at least 50 percent off during the event. Plus there are community deals (meaning you can help vote on them) on some of the biggest games from this year discounted up to 80 percent, and special gift boxes that allow you to pick one extra special deal from three different categories every day during the Winter Sale. To top it all off, a spotlight will shine on discounted games introduced by a well-known YouTube gaming channel daily at prices up to 70 percent off.

Sounds crazy, but GOG.com must know what it’s doing or it wouldn’t still be around after all this time. Check the Winter Sale early and often or miss out—it’s as simple as that.


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