The Xbox One Has Sold Through 2 Million Units In 18 Days


(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

It is a good time to be a console gamer, especially with the total release of the 8th generation of consoles. Both the Xbox One and PS4 have sold a large amount of consoles in a short amount of time, and today Microsoft has announced they have sold through 2 million Xbox One consoles within their first 18 days. Selling through means to sell to the end user, a.k.a the consumer and not to the retailer.

Some other tidbits from the Major Nelson blog:

  • Over 83 million hours in games, TV, and apps on Xbox One since the system launched
  • 39 million Xbox One achievements unlocked
  • 595 million total Gamerscore achieved on Xbox One
  • 1000 units per minute were ordered at peak demand on

Even though the Xbox One is lagging behind the PS4 in terms of estimated consoles sold in North America this past November, they are at least keeping pace with the PS4 worldwide. It was announced, for November 15 to December 1, that Sony sold through 2.1 million units of the PS4 worldwide, a mere 17 days after its US and Canadian launch and only 2 days after launching in 30 other countries worldwide.

I mention it often, but it bears repeating; slow and steady wins the race. The PS3 has roughly caught up to the Xbox 360 in worldwide console units sold after releasing a year later with an initial price tag of $200 USD higher. The Xbox One could overtake the PS4 even by next year in terms of units sold. Anything can happen during the life of a console; it’s the journey that is most exciting!


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