Will Fallout 4 Be Set In Boston?


Although thesurvivor2299.com turned out to be a hoax, it looks like there is still some possibly-legitimate Fallout 4 news to come out this holiday season.

According to an anonymous tipster to Kotaku, Fallout 4 is real, in the middle of casting and the game will be set in Boston, Massachusetts. The casting director is reportedly the same person who has worked on Skyrim and Dishonored, both Bethesda games. Additionally, Kotaku posted some screenshots of some of the script they have received.

That iconic “War. War never changes” line might solidify this rumor, but I’m not entirely convinced to consider this 100% real.

There is no doubt in my mind that Fallout 4 could take place in Boston. In fact, it seems to be the consensus that Boston would be the expect location after rumors of Bethesda employees scouting local areas. It’s a storied town that can tap into a rich stream of history to provide a strong re-imagining in a dystopian, futuristic gaming world.

It’s just that thesurvivor2299.com was very convincing to the point of precise Morse coding, hidden information tucked away in the page elements and other tidbits. Its falsehood solidifies how easy it is to trick the gaming press, as a multitude of gaming sites reported it as news. A script is baby time compared to the amount of effort that website’s creator put into their hoax.

It all depends on just how detailed the documents provided are. Either way, for Fallout 4 to be at the level of casting for voice talent it doesn’t look to be all that close to final production. If these leaked documents are legitimate, then I would be looking for a 2015 release. By then, Bethesda could focus on making the game purely for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. We’ll be following the story for more details as it unfolds.


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