Space MMO Entropy Available Now Through Steam Early Access


Humanity has spread to the stars, but things aren’t all hunky-dory in the vastness of space either. Civilization is crumbling, and the fate of the entire galaxy is at stake.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, “Entropy” is calling your name. The space-themed MMO from Artplant, the studio that created “Battlestar Galactica Online,” is live now thanks to the Early Access program from Steam, and it’s looking for some players to help it gather feedback as it pushes ahead toward a full launch.

“Entropy” checks off a bunch of boxes on the wish list of people looking for a new sci-fi MMO sandbox, including real-time combat and player-driven dynamic trading. It also has over 100 detailed star systems for early access participants to discover and explore, providing plenty of room for everyone to make their mark on the galaxy.

“We’re really excited to finally unveil ‘Entropy’ to MMO fans; it’s an ambitious title for us and we can’t wait to see how players react to engaging in player-controlled, intergalactic dogfights for the very first time in a space-based MMO,” Artplant CEO Jack Wulf said in a press release. “Launching through Steam’s Early Access programme, will help ensure ‘Entropy’ connects with its emergent community and utilises players’ crucial feedback to enhance the incredible gameplay experience we’re building.”

“Entropy” is entering a field that continues to grow more crowded thanks to upcoming games like “WildStar” and reigning king of the hill “Eve Online,” but there’s always room for one more choice for players. If you’re intrigued enough to buy a Founders pack, you’ll get immediate access to the game plus goodies like starter ships, in-game currency, extra character slots and exclusive player avatar items. Perhaps best of all, early adopters won’t have their experience and finances reset come the official launch, meaning you’ll keep what you’ve earned. And don’t we all want that?

Packages to get into “Entropy” start at $19.99, and you can learn more about them on the game’s official page on Steam.