New Game Releases: Wii Fit U, The Room 2, And More


Is everyone properly stoked for all of the new and upcoming games that got revealed Saturday night at VGX? Pretty exciting stuff.

Now for some bad news: none of those games are coming out this week. Those are still in the future, and unless you have a spare TARDIS laying around, you’re going to have to make do with the tiny slate of titles headed our way over the next seven days.

It’s not all bad though, esepcially if you need to get in shape or enjoy puzzle games or RPGs. Oh, and it’s probably going to help if you have everything from an iPad to a PS4.

So let’s do the “glass is half full” thing and check out what’s on tap in the world of new video games:

“Doki-Doki Universe” (PS4, PS3, Vita) – December 10

Sometimes I have a hard time describing new games if they have particularly unusual premises. I’m not even sure if I should take a stab at this one, which springs from the mind of Greg Johnson (of “Toejam and Earl” fame) and his team at HumaNature. He calls it an “RPG/Simulation/Interactive Story,” but all I can say is that it looks weird.

Yet I mean that in a good way. The main character is a robot nicknamed QT3 who has been left behind by his human family for not having enough “humanity.” He has to prove he’s still got it by visiting various planets and interacting with the unusual inhabitants on each one. Oh, and there are personality quizzes and animated in-game messages, because why not? If you like quirky, this should be right up your alley.

“Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God” (Vita) – December 10

Doesn’t it seem like there are JRPGs coming out all the time that have already been released in Japan? This is another one, apparently with randomly generated dungeons.

Lest you think the curry in the title isn’t what it sounds like, you should know that the limited edition sold in North America comes with a special bib, spoon and plate. Yay curry!

“The Room 2” (iOS) – December 12

Few mobile games released over the last few years have been more highly decorated than”The Room.” It was proof that you don’t necessarily need a complex high concept to make a fantastic game, as the “action” revolved around trying to figure out how to open a series of puzzle boxes inside a mysterious room. Hence the title.

Will the sequel have more rooms? More devious puzzles or more creative ways to use the touchscreen and other controls in an iPad? I honestly have no clue. But this should be a game you don’t want to pass up if you have any interest in puzzle games whatsoever.

“Wii Fit U” (Wii U) – December 13

When Nintendo was first showing off the capabilities of the Wii U a few years ago, one of the things they showed was a couple playing an exercise game. One wanted to watch TV, so the other kept playing on the GamePad. It looked great, but of course, “Wii Fit U” is only coming out now, way after the system went on sale. It’s like the story of the Wii U in a nutshell.

Is it better late than never? We’re about to find out. “Wii Fit Plus” players will be able to carry their data over to the new game, so everyone will be able to stay in better shape than ever. I mean, as long as they’ve got a Wii U.