Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 12/7/13


"Google isn’t giving up its living room ambitions. The company is said to be working on a “Nexus TV” device that will run Android, stream video from services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, and play a selection of video games. The rumor comes from The Information‘s Amir Efrati, who cites an anonymous Google employee. The device is said to be ready for launch as soon as the first half of next year, according to the report.Rumors of a Google-made Android set top box go back to July of this year, when The Wall Street Journal reported that such a device was demoed by Andy Rubin behind closed doors at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Sources told the paper at the time that the box included a Kinect-like motion sensor and could be controlled with an Android smartphone."

The Verge

"We knew Broken Age was pinned for an appearance at the Spike VGX event on Saturday, but developer Double Fine is also teasing a ‘big announcement’ for the show.“We have one more big announcement coming tomorrow on the VGX, alongside a live demo of the game,” said the developer in a press release regarding the game’s voice talent.Specifically, Double Fine has confirmed that fan favourite character Curtis the Lumberjack will be vocalized by former Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher in late ’80s episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. A Wheaton-focused developer video is above."


"Eidos Montreal may have ruffled a few feathers by disinterring the hallowed corpse of the Thief series, but it’s certainly listening to fans’ concerns about how video games nowadays are all for babies or something.After cutting an XP system and scrapping QTEs in its new Thief, the developer has detailed the ways players can customise and strip down the UI, as well as fiddle with the difficulty. No-UI, no-knockout, no-alert, no-damage Iron Man runs, here we come!The options menu will let players tweak and turn off a grand 19 UI elements, a new blog post details, from the mini-map and navigation prompts to the light gem and threat icons. Players can essentially turn the UI off entirely, if they fancy."