Digital Foundry Gives Super Mario 3D World A Glowing Technical Review


While the PS4 and Xbox One have rounded out the entrants into the 8th generation of gaming, let us not forget that the Nintendo Wii U brought us into this realm over a year ago. Yes, they have not done so well when it comes to the sales department, but they currently have, arguably, the greatest lineup of games in their library. It’s the advantage of releasing a year earlier than your competition.

Oddly enough it is not their variety that is being praised, but it is their technical achievements with Super Mario 3D World. Digital Foundry performed a technical analysis of the game and came out the other side with praise.

"Ultimately, Super Mario 3D World stands alongside a number of other exclusive Wii U titles with its focus on clean visuals operating at a high frame-rate. The Wii U may not be the most powerful console on the block, but the fast, colourful, and clean library that it is amassing certainly suggests that it’s more than ample. Emulators have already proven just how beautiful Nintendo’s Wii efforts could be operating in high definition, and the Wii U is finally offering a way to experience these titles natively with good image quality. Years down the road, Super Mario 3D World is the type of game that will continue to look attractive in the face of even new technology."

The game is said to run at a clean 720p resolution, and the video evidence suggests that the stated 60 frames per second rate rarely dips below that. While 1080p/60 FPS will be a hard target for the Wii U to hit down the line, Super Mario 3D World seems to be making the perfect balance in technical trade-offs to give a better overall appearance in the gaming environment.

For more thoughts on the actual gameplay, make sure to check out our review.

Here is one of Digital Foundry’s frame-rate tests of Super Mario 3D World.


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