Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 12/6/13


"Sony has declared that it expects the recently released PS4 console to “significantly exceed” the lifetime sales figures of last generation’s PS3 offering.With early PS4 sales having dramatically outstripped those of the rival Xbox One console, Sony is looking to the future with optimistic eyes, predicting that overall PS4 sales will go beyond the milestones of its previous console offering.“[PS4] has an opportunity to significantly exceed what we’ve been able to achieve with PS3 and there’s a couple of reasons for that,” Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment said in a recent interview with MCV."


"Sony has reset the passwords of multiple PlayStation Network accounts for the third time in as many weeks.PlayStation’s US arm told affected users that the precautionary measure was taken after it detected “irregular activity” on the network.The statement was in line with those issued to European and North American users when similar suspicious activity was detected in the second half of November."


"A team of 20 from Sony’s closed Liverpool studio has opened a new video games business in the city.The Sony studio started life as Psygnosis and was one of the best-known video games businesses in the world, thanks to smash hit game franchises from Lemmings to Wipeout and Motorstorm. Its closure last year stunned the gaming world.Now several managerial and creative figures from the studio have joined forces to launch Firesprite in Liverpool city centre.And the company has also announced its first work – a collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japan Studio on The Playroom, for the new Playstation4 console."

Liverpool Daily Post