Misleading Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Image Leading To Bricked Consoles


We would like to preface that some of the information in this post is for educational purposes, so you know what to look out for. DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE BELOW IMAGE.

As you can see in the edited-for-your-safety image above, some anonymous “pranksters” have been sharing the following information dubiously trying to teach Xbox One owners how to unlock backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games as a means to deliberately get people to accidentally brick their consoles. It is the equivalent of telling somebody on a PC to fix their problem by deleting (AGAIN, DON’T DO THIS!) System32, another infamous prank that has been pulled in the past.

The image has been speculated to start on 4chan and has been spreading since then to forums like NeoGAF. It immediately makes you wonder if Microsoft thought it through when they decided to make every Xbox One unit a potential dev kit when they announced their ID@Xbox indie program back at gamescom in August. Now anyone who makes a purchase has easy access to ruining their console.

Unless you are an official ID partner and have agreed-upon access to the dev-kit functionality, it is best to ignore messing around in that part of the Xbox One system altogether. $499 USD is a lot of money to throw down the drain, especially when you void your warranty doing so to leave you no other options.


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