Battlefield 4 Getting New Server Versions


Since its release, Battlefield 4 has been marred by a bevy of problems. From server stability to game crashes, the problems in the game have led many to believe that EA and DICE released a broken game. And despite a number of patches, the game still suffers from major online stability issues. Thankfully, however, it seems as though these issues are starting to become sorted out.

Via the in-game splash page that appears after you click on multiplayer, on the console version of the game, DICE has announced that new “server versions” will be getting deployed for users. The actual message reads, “We’re deploying a new server version in the upcoming hours. You might experience some downtime in the process.”

This update will apply to every version of the game available, and, if it fixes most of the games issues, a little downtime may not concern players. It’s still unknown how well these new server versions will fix the issues plaguing the game, but it’s a start to make a game that many feel as unplayable, playable again.


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