Tips & Tricks: Getting Gold Medals In Dead Rising 3


Dead Rising 3 is chock full of good times.  Slaughtering zombies—what more could you ask for?

Well, inside Los Perdidos are Survival Training challenges that reward you for killing zombies to earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals.

Why should you go for gold? Simple. Getting gold in every challenge earns you three achievements (one for getting all bronze, one for getting all silver, and one for getting all gold).  If you get one per level, then you might as well shoot for gold to begin with!

Keep in mind, some are easy and some are not.  Watch my clip below for some tips and tricks for getting gold using combo weapons.

Now it may get a bit tougher. The video below will assist you in obtaining gold using only your fists—or in this case feet!  These challenges are the hardest of them all.  However, if you follow my tips, you’ll earn gold in no time!

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