Tank Domination Rumbles Into Action With 10v10 Battles On iPad


It feels almost like Game Insight was teasing us with slow reveals of all of the features for its 10v10 multiplayer tank battle game, appropriately called “Tank Domination.” But the wait was finally over, as the game stealthily rolled out to the iOS App Store last night, and is free to download now for iPad.

“Tank Domination” has players take on the role of mercenary tank commanders on the familiar yet slightly transformed battlefields of the near future. It features 30 American, Russian, and Chinese tanks at launch, all customizable in terms of ammo, camouflage, and more. The game also promises a host of social features like Facebook and Twitter integration, and our early experience with it has revealed a fully voiced tutorial to help acclimate newbies to the controls of their virtual war machines.

Of course the big draw is simply the ability to drop in at any time and join with up to 19 other people in PvP battles. “Tank Domination” has already proven to be a hit in Russia, where it shot to number one on that country’s App Store, and Game Insight has big plans for it in the U.S. as well—including an Android release in 2014.

In case you need more convincing, the launch trailer is below, or you can download it now for iPad (iPad 2 or later and iPad Mini) if you’re ready to roll. See you on the battlefields!