DeNA Launches Arcade-Style Shooter Lawless And American McGee’s The Gate On iOS Today


Looking for something a little grittier or more sinister to play on an iOS device? DeNA just might have what you’re looking for with its two new releases in the App Store today.

The gritty title is “Lawless,” a photorealistic shooter from EightPixelsSquare (founded by members of Eurocom who worked on “Dead Space: Extraction” for consoles) and DeNA’s European Studios. Using a tap to shoot control scheme, “Lawless” puts players in the shoes of a professional criminal hoping to grab power in the L.A. underworld by taking on missions like bank robberies and gang shootouts in missions set in real life locations.

DeNA is touting “intense action, strategic gameplay and meaningful long-term progression.” Honestly, delivering even two of the three of those would elevate “Lawless” above much of the usual mobile fare.

For people with more macabre tastes, DeNA is publishing “The Gate” for American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games. Combining real-time strategy and card battle mechanics, this game tasks players with battling the legions of hell. Considering how dark McGee managed to make his take on “Alice,” one can only imagine what he’s got in store for a concept like thus.

“The Gate” features 3D art in its gameplay and intricately illustrated virtual cards. Its initial press release describes “demons, gothic battle arenas and gruesome enemies,” so you may want to keep the kids away from this one.

Both “Lawless” and “The Gate” are free-to-play and available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Look for a full GameSided review for “The Gate” this weekend.