RUMOR: The Order: 1886 Targeting Fall Release Date


When it comes to next-gen console exclusives, not many are receiving the type of interest and hype than Sony’s The Order: 1886.

First shown at E3 2013, The Order: 1886, developed by Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica, centers around an alternate history in which an order of knights must keep all of the world safe from monsters that are a combination of half man, half animal. Fans were immediately hooked to this game due to its unique plot. Unfortunately, however, no one knew exactly when players would be able to get their hands on the game.

Well, if you want to read into a mini-conversation on twitter between Ready At Dawn co-founder Andrea Pessino,  and Sony Santa Monica director of technology Tim Moss, then we could now have an idea of a target for the game’s release.

If the tweets are anything to be believed, then The Order: 1886 could be coming in the fall of 2014. Of course, this is pure speculation at this point, but hey, it’s fun to guess at these types of things. Hopefully we get official word of a release date sooner rather than later.


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