Q Spreads Holiday Cheer In Star Trek Online Winter Invasion Event


When it comes to human customs and traditions, Q from the “Star Trek” shows and movies has always been a little fuzzy on the details. Or more likely, he understands the details just fine, but would rather twist things for his own amusement.

That’s why it’s no big surprise that Q has made himself the center of attention for the “Star Trek Online” Winter Invasion event. The powerful alien has used his abilities in some unique ways, setting up his own Winter Wonderland that is open now through January 16.

Players level 10 and up can talk to Q on Qo’nos, or seek him out at Earth Spacedock or New Romulus Command. Then they’ll be whisked away to a snowy PvE zone featuring a gingerbread colony under attack from animated snowmen. Since this is Q we’re talking about, you already know I’m not making that up.

Winter Invasion activities include:

  • “The Fast and the Flurrious,” a race that awards the winners Epohh tags that can be used to breed special non-combat pets or redeemed for Marks
  • “The Fastest Game on Ice,” another race for glossy pictures of Q, good for a starship when you collect enough of them
  • Fighting the snowmen for holiday goods
  • Searching for hidden accolades around the event zone

It’s generally not a good idea to let Q down, so log on to “Star Trek Online” before the Winter Invasion is over, and it’ll keep you on his good side. Probably.