Lindsay Lohan To Sue Rockstar Games Over GTA V


When you think of the Grand Theft Auto series and controversy, you’re more likely to think of topics of gun violence, over-sexualization and illicit drug use. This time, however, it appears as though Lindsay Lohan feels her likeness was used in GTA V without her permission, and is allegedly preparing to sue Rockstar Games over it.

According to a TMZ “report,” there are several instances in which they believe Lindsay Lohan could be suing over. The first could be over the cover model wearing the bikini and holding the iFruit phone. Another instance could be in a mission where you escort an in-game celebrity named Lacey Jones and drive her away from rabid paparazzi. The final case TMZ makes is that it could be in a mission where you must photograph a celebrity having sex at what resembles the Chateau Marmont hotel, a place Lohan had lived and visits frequently.

Whatever the case may be, the potential lawsuit would appear flimsy, at best. After playing through the entirety of GTA V, there are no specific characters within the game that go beyond satire and explicitly state just what they are a parody of. Rockstar Games is a smart studio; they know how to stay within the lines of civil and criminal law after making salacious video games for decades. Still, we will look out for any developments in this story.

(h/t GameSpot)


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