Voucher Redemption For PlayStation Network Temporarily Suspended


Ever since the PS4 launched in North America back on November 15, there have been complaints throughout comment sections and on gaming forums about slow or lack of PlayStation Network (PSN) service. Download speeds, for some, have dropped to near unusable levels, especially for those who download their titles.

Now that the PS4 has launched in 30 additional countries, service speeds have taken a much bigger hit. That’s why Sony has made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog to suspend the ability to redeem vouchers while they investigate the situation.

The problem may not be with redeeming vouchers, but with hundreds and thousands of people buying $30 PS+ cards throughout the US yesterday for Black Friday, it is better to be safe with the incoming purchases than sorry.

It extends beyond just PlayStation Plus vouchers that cannot be redeemed. Money cards, product vouchers, any PS3-PS4 upgrade cards; anything that has digital content over a physical card cannot be redeemed until further notice.

While this function remains down, it looks as though most or all other functions are working on PSN. PS3 users can still play online multiplayer games and visit social hubs like PlayStation Home if they still choose to, but if PS4 users were waiting for Black Friday to pick up PS+ cards to use online play; looks like you’ll have to wait it out.


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