OOTP Baseball 14 And iOOTP 2013 Get Special Offseason Pricing


Given the nip in the air and the snow that many of us have already seen, baseball isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind at this time of year. But baseball sims really have no offseason, especially if they’re made by OOTP Developments and available at seriously reduced prices.

Right now you can grab “OOTP 14” for your computer for $19.99 and “iOOTP 2013” for your mobile device for $1.99. Or better yet, get both of them so you can play baseball anywhere to help get you through the winter. The popular sims aren’t out of date just because the diamonds are empty at the moment, as evidenced by the fact that “OOTP 14” got an update (version 14.6) not too long ago.

“OOTP 14” and its hockey cousin “Franchise Hockey Manager” are also continuing their Steam Greenlight campaigns, trying to get approved to be sold through Steam. You can check out their respective pages to vote for them now.

Last but not least, “iOOTP 2013” is due to get another update before the end of the year, getting it up to speed for retina displays and the iPhone 5. The OOTP Developments team has been hinting at a winter surprise on top of that, so stay tuned. And just wait—winter might become synonymous with baseball after all.