Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 11/30/13


"EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Soderlund expects the PS4 and Xbox One console cycle to last for five to six years.Soderlund, who’s responsible for EA’s console and PC games development, told MCV that the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation “may have gone on a little bit longer than I would have wanted.“At the same time, you have seen games like The Last of Us and GTA V at the end of a cycle which perhaps you would not have expected a few years ago,” he added. “But a five, six year gap is what I expect going forward.”"


"In an interview with MCV, Nvidia’s Matt Wright has posited that there’s a third option for a new gaming machine, and that it’s the far superior choice: the PC.In the midst of the PS4 and Xbox One frenzy this month, Nvidia has released some smaller, more living-room friendly PCs for the Christmas period. “We are proposing small form-factor PCs to be a viable alternative to the next-gen consoles,” said Wright. “Enthusiast players want the ultimate games system and that is the PC.”The message from the firm is that the choice this year shouldn’t just be between PS4 and Xbox One."


"At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, the surprise show-stealer was Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, which by the end of the show had four-hour-long queues snaking around the Xbox One booth. What’s particularly surprising about this is A) it’s on the Xbox, which historically hasn’t performed well in Japan, and B) it’s a first-person-shooter, which is not as big of a genre in Japan as it is in the west. Respawn’s community manager Abbie Heppe was just as surprised by the game’s positive reaction, telling Xbox One Magazine “It was crazy.”Anyone who has delved into Japanese anime or videogames will know that mechs are kind of a big deal to Japanese people. “It’s probably the biggest compliment you can get, that you take mechs to Japan and they like them. That was awesome,” commented Heppe."

The Escapist