Super Hero Squad Online: Best Sale of the Year On November 29


Good news everyone: the biggest sale of the year in “Super Hero Squad Online” is taking place today. Unless, of course, you’re reading this after Black Friday, in which case you already missed it, since the sale was on November 29 only.

No worres though. Even if you were late to the party, there are some pretty decent consolation gifts coming soon. We’re talking new characters, additional missions, and even more benefits for Jr. Shield Agents, a.k.a. people who pay to play the game as subscribers.

Let’s assume you didn’t miss the sale and get back to that. If you act today, you’ll be able to acquire retired heroes like Classic Thor, Pure Elektra and Emma Frost at crazy good discounts. How good? Try 30 percent off. From the looks of the graphic that accompanied the sale announcement, we might also be seeing the likes of Hulk, Wasp, Rogue, and certain versions of Wolverine, Captain America, Cyclops, Spider-Man, and more.

I don’t know exactly how many heroes are in the sale because I’m writing this before it starts, even though you might be reading it after it ends. It’s an example of what the Tenth Doctor would call “timey-wimey stuff.” Anyway, if November 29 is still the present for you, this is the time to get in on the biggest “Super Hero Squad Online” sale of the year. That I do know.