Preview: Tank Domination Customization Options


When “Tank Domination” hits iPad in December, you don’t want to be driving around the battlegrounds of the near future in a tank that looks just like everyone else’s machines, right?

(Correct answer: of course not!)

Game Insight recently added a few looks at different ways to customize the appearance of vehicles in “Tank Domination” for both cosmetic and gameplay purposes. The simplest way is with good old fashioned camouflage (shown above), which comes in multiple colors and patterns and is strictly a matter of taste.

The Camouflage Net kicks thinks up a notch, if you’ll excuse mixing cooking metaphors with the art of war. These not only make your tank look cooler, they also reduce the chances of your machine getting detected by the enemy. As anyone who has played “World of Tanks” knows, staying hidden can be crucial, and that looks to be an important consideration in “Tank Domination” as well.

When you want something a little different, you can opt for Reactive Armor. This also changes the tank’s looks, but to make it look more rugged instead of aiding it in blending in. That’s okay though, because this armor gives you more durability, reducing the need to sneak around in the first place.

Camouflage Nets and Reactive Armor are both power-ups that remain active for an entire battle, but there are others with varying durations and effects, including multiple types of ammo, items for boosting your engine power, optics and recoil compensators, and more. All of these can help tailor your tank to your specific preferences before you enter the fray in 10v10 multiplayer clashes.

Study up on power-ups right now, and look for our review of “Tank Domination” when it hits the App Store in the coming weeks.