Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 11/29/13


"Sony Pictures has been linked to two The Last of Us movie domain and were both registered on November 25 by online brand protection agency MarkMonitor, while the registrant’s email has a Sony Pictures address.Sony’s move to register the domains may be motivated by brand protection rather than any immediate plans to make a movie based on Naughty Dog’s game, but the subject matter would appear ripe for a film adaptation. The Last of Us tells a character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague."


"In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, multiple lawmakers and concerned interest groups in the USA decided that video games were to blame, and, as a result, ended up spending lots of time and money trying to prove it.Now, however, the official report from the Connecticut State Attorney has found no tie between the shootings and video games. While noting that the shooter, 20-year old Adam Lanza, did play video games, the games listed were of a wide range, and many other mitigating factors were much more likely to have contributed to the horrific attack.When it came to playing games, Lanza’s biggest obsession was with Dance Dance Revolution II, which he reportedly played at his local theatre nearly every weekend for “four to ten hours”."

"The PlayStation 4 has launched in the UK and Sony believes the console will set a new record at launch.Speaking following the console’s UK launch in London, PlayStation UK MD Fergal Gara commented: “PS4 is here, and it’s brilliant to see so many people so happy.Whilst pre-orders were sold out months ago, many UK retailers are offering launch stock if you shop around."