Cross The Rubicon In Eve Online With Special Deals For Lapsed Players


“Crossing the Rubicon” has historically meant that someone is past the point of no return. Ironically, the “Rubicon” expansion is the perfect time for players who have been away from “Eve Online” to return to space, one that CCP Games is making even more enticing with three special deals for lapsed players.

Certain players who have let their paid account time run out are receiving email offers to come back for just $9.99 for the first month. In addition, PLEX is available to these same players at the rate of one for $17.99 or two for $29.99. All three offers are already attached to the appropriate players accounts, and can be accepted any time up to January 5, 2014.

“Rubicon” is loaded with new features, like mobile structures that can be built by alliances, dangerous but rewarding ghost sites, and new Sisters of EVE faction ships. There’s also a nifty new interactive guide to help explain exactly what skills are needed to pilot different ships, plus improvements to warp travel, a host of rebalancing tweaks, and much more. So much more that it’s probably best to just head to the expansion page and learn about “Rubicon” straight from the source.

And if you want a friend to join the “Eve Online” fun, there’s a special Black Friday sale going on right now that allows new players to sign up for an account and pay just $0.99 for the first month of game time. That offer is good today (November 29) only, so tell your buddies to fly and take advantage of it right away to get into one of the most enduring, most ambitious MMOs ever created.