Sonic Dash Going Fast Towards Android Devices For Free


It was teased earlier this week, but now the announcement is official. According to Sega, Sonic Dash will now be headed to Android devices, for both phones and tablets. The game will be a free installation for the time being.

It operates as an endless running game in which you must control Sonic to jump over and under obstacles, speed through loops, attack enemies and utilize a Sonic Dash when you gotta go fast. As well, you can play as Sonic’s friends, including Tails, Shadow and Knuckles.

If you act fast, you will also get a chance to face off against Zazz, one of the “Deadly Six” boss enemies from Sonic Lost World. Additionally, you can also participate in daily challenges to climb up the online leaderboards. As a huge fan of Spelunky on Steam, the inclusion of a daily challenge mode really retains value in a game if done right, especially if that game is free and is planned to come with free updates.

To those who are interested, here is where you can install the free download through your internet browser. Also be on the lookout for it in the Google Play Store.


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