Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 11/25/13


"A list PS4 digital game prices for the console’s UK launch has been revealed.The list consists of nineteen titles: thirteen retail games, five digital ones and one free-to-play shooter.As the PS4 release date is this Friday, November 29 in the UK, the list below can be considered incomplete, because other launch titles such as NBA 2K14, Sound Shapes, Flower and DC Universe Online have yet to be added to the PlayStation Store."


"Moderators for game streaming service Twitch are cracking down on PlayStation 4 owners who are misusing the new console’s ability to stream content on the site with its Playroom feature.Since the launch of the PS4, a number of users have made use of the Playroom feature to stream off-topic and occasionally lewd content, Kotaku reports. Playroom, a free title for the system, let’s users film themselves in their living room using the PlayStation Eye as they appear to interact with on-screen objects in the real world.A series of tweets from Twitch support highlight the company’s moderating rules, following the apparent misuse of the feature."


"AS electronic titans Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. spend billions of dollars redesigning the video-game console, the next leap forward in digital games may come from the unlikeliest of places.In what could transform the video-game industry, Web browser developers Google Inc. and Mozilla Corp. are in the early stages of developing ways for users to play games simply by opening a Web page.The gamer would no longer be tethered to an expensive game console: A game could be played from anywhere and on any device as long as there is an Internet connection, creating a potential game audience of billions that could be worth billions of dollars annually.Software advances, notably HTML 5, are making it possible for developers to create games for Web browsers that are more complex than those on Facebook and don’t require users to install any extra software."

Business Mirror