FIFA Manager 14 Will Be The Series’ Last


Seeing how Football Manager is a thing and will continue to be an awesome football management simulation series, it looks like EA Sports will bow out of the genre. In an open letter on the FIFA Manager website, series founder and game designer Gerald Köhler has announced that FIFA Manager 14 will be the last in the game series.

"Dear Football Fans,Today I’m writing to tell you that FIFA MANAGER 14 will be the last installment of the football simulation series marketed by EA SPORTS. This is was a very tough decision, so I want to take the time to explain it. This probably comes as a big disappointment to many of you, and it is understandable that you would ask why."

He goes on to mention that some reasons for the series departure include that, “One game has practically dominated the market in recent years.” As well, the general trends of online and mobile games and the need for a new game engine to progress development pretty much were the determining factors for saying goodbye to the FIFA Manager series.

When you have a game as popular as Football Manager continues to be in a very small market, it all but makes sense. This year’s edition was considered a “legacy edition,” meaning it was an update in name, rosters, kits and minor feature aesthetics only.

(h/t Destructoid)


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