Bayonetta Port Might Be Coming To Wii U (Eventually)


The day Nintendo resurrected the Bayonetta series was a huge day for both fans of the original PS3/360 game and those who owned or were planning to own a Nintendo Wii U. Getting a sequel exclusively for the Wii U was a huge get, and now it seems like the original story might be making its way to the platform, as well.

Fans have been petitioning for a Bayonetta Wii U port this past week, and now game director Hideki Kamiya has now teased that news on a Wii U port should be coming next week on his Twitter account.

"Next week…in game magazines… RT @joeny29: any news on Bayonetta 1 come to wii u— 神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya (@PG_kamiya) November 25, 2013"

When you consider the fact that Kamiya is not telling anyone off with vulgar swears, paired with the fact that he seems upset gaming news sites won’t believe him, we could hope that a Bayonetta Wii U port announcement will be coming next week in a collection of local and international gaming magazines.

UPDATE: While Hideki Kamiya has a history of trolling on Twitter, and that the “news coming next week” thing would be a ripe hook to reel people in, it is fair to note that it is with Kamiya’s own tweets that launched this fan campaign to bring the game to the newest Nintendo home console.

The man can have fun from time to time, but Kamiya is known to be very passionate when it comes to the sanctity of his games. Just ask him if any of his characters will be in the newest Smash Bros. game to get confirmation of that! I will err on the side of trust in this case.

FINAL UPDATE: My bad for not knowing the next week “meme.” Amid the vulgarities thrown at fans and all the pictures of Hideki Kamiya in leather jackets, I must have not picked that trope up from his Twitter account. Match sure to always check those Twilogs, kids! Still, considering that Kamiya would very much like to have the Wii U receive a Bayonetta port, we will still be on the lookout for an announcement on that at a later date.


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