Need for Speed Rivals Review


Platforms: Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

Publisher:  Electronic Arts

Developer: Ghost Games

Get ready to rev those engines! In Need for Speed Rivals you do just that.  The high octane, adrenaline pumping racing game is back.  Get ready for some exciting, on the edge of your seat chases or races in this new Cop vs Racer style game.

You choose from two different classes.  First, we’ll start with the Cop.  You’re introduced with a short video of why it’s important to protect the streets of Redview County.  Street racing has become viral and the Racers are seeking thrills.  Your job as a Cop – stop the Racers at all costs and use every tool at your disposal to do so.  You’re a part of a mobile operating unit setup throughout Redview County and are operating with a huge array of exotic vehicles.  The city is large and has beautiful locales as well as desolate deserts.   The multiplayer aspect allows players to freely join and leave as they progress through the game completing challenges.  This sets the tone for some fast chases and devastating crashes!

You begin with a short tutorial after customizing your set up, which consists of Enforcer, Patrol, or Undercover.  Each with different perks and tools.  Choose the class you’d like to play as and then you learn the basics to patrolling the streets.  In addition to chasing Racers, you’re able to complete challenges that progress your rank.  The more challenges you complete, the more cars you unlock and the more SP you earn.  You use those cars to chase down the Racers on the streets by patrolling the open world and going wherever you want to go.

While patrolling, you’re able to blare your sirens at designated time trial locations and take calls throughout the city that acts as a race to get to the person in distress.  The faster you reach the 911 call, the better the medal and the better the reward to help unlock upgrades to your Cop car. The thrill of the siren behind a Racer is adrenaline pumping and fun.  Various other challenges exist as you progress but the best part is when you bust or wreck a Racer, in which you earn their SP that they’ve earned throughout the tasks they’ve completed.  As you chase, backup can be called in from dispatch which ranges from helicopters following the Racer to other Cop cars helping you pursue.  However, if the Racer eludes, you better quickly find them, or they’ll bank their SP at their garage and you’re unable to steal.

Secondly, you’re able to choose to play as a Racer.  Racers get the short end of the stick in some regards though.  Racers are expected to race around the city in open world races and elude cops at the same time.  The issue – your car is severely damaged by the time you complete the race and you have miles to go before you can find a repair shop or your garage.  During the race it’s a blast to be chased, however, it becomes aggravating to win A LOT of SP only to get it taken away shortly after the race from a Cop smashing into you.  However, it’s still a thrill but creates much more of a challenge.  If you’re able to hang in there and level up, you are rewarded with very nice vehicles that can help elude the Cops.  The cars at your disposal is vast and gadgets are available to help stop people who get in your way.  After all, your goal is to win at all costs.

Need For Speed Rivals does have its flaws.  At various moments throughout the game, connections can drop and migrating with a new host can be annoying.  However, many times you pick up right where you left off which is reassuring.  Additionally, the game is overly simple.  Either chase or run.  There’s no other aspect to the game.  This can get boring at times but still provides a heart pumping race nonetheless.

Overall, Rivals is solid and is a thrill ride.  The game definitely delivers in regards to replay probability and definitely accomplishes its goal of high octane racing! The music is superb and the soundtrack definitely is a nice touch when racing or patrolling.  However, the game could have been more innovating if there was more than just chasing or racing but nonetheless, the drive through a visually stunning environment helps alleviate the painful redundancy.