Craft Your Own Destroyer In Super Hero Squad Online


If you’re at all familiar with Thor and his enemies, you’ve no doubt read the headline to this post and thought to yourself, “Why in the world would I want to craft the Destroyer? That dude is a rough customer!”

Two things: first, the Destroyer isn’t technically a dude, it’s an enchanted suit of armor. Second, the reason you’d want to craft him, er, it in “Super Hero Squad Online” is because Destroyer is the game’s first craftable hero. That’s right, just assemble the right ingredients and bam, you’ve got yourself a bona fide butt-kicking machine powered by pure Asgardian magic (or if you prefer the movie version, science that appears to be magic).

Want more to craft? You’ve got it. Gazillion also added badges you can craft for sidekicks, enabling them to do things like fight, create tickets, and destroy troublebots. If you need some extra components to take advantage of the new recipes, you can get some for free by entering the code “5MCHBLTS” right now.

Speaking of codes, the devs also have one to serve as a reward for players’ patience while they fixed stability issues in the game—and there definitely were some. Entering the code “MOONBAT” gets you a free sidekick, which conveniently is actually a Moon Bat.

“Super Hero Squad Online” remains free-to-play, and you can sign up for an account right here.