Here Are The Known Xbox One Technical Issues


There is nothing more satisfying for fans of video games to finally recognize the PS4 and Xbox One as current-gen gaming consoles. The Xbox One has launched worldwide in 13 different countries today, and as with every conceivable hardware release there are reports and firsthand accounts of broken Xbox One devices.

Whether it be small physical parts not working properly, ungodly noises being produced from within the Xbox One or other breakdowns, some Day 1 console owners are having technical issues. A Redittor has collected several of the most well-known problems that persist across several instances. Note: None of these issues indicate a systemic problem for the Xbox One, but suggest that these are not unique instances. As well, unless indicated, if you are noticing any of these problems on your Xbox One device, make sure to contact technical support.

Disk Drive Errors/The Disc-Grinding Noise of Death

The “Disc-Grinding Noise of Death” is not an official title or nickname for the technical issue, but after watching the above video and hearing the crunching sounds (forgive the stereotypical Youtube montage video music overlay), you can’t help but agree that it is apt. It appears as though these Xbox One devices with this problem have a faulty disc reader, with some sort of malfunction resulting in not being able to play games. Unfortunately, it appears as though support will be sending out coffins to send back in and will be shipping replacement consoles at a later date.

Hanging Loading Screens

You’ve waiting in line for hours. You’ve braved the (likely cold) weather to make sure you can play and use an Xbox One as quickly as possible at launch. You bring the console home, unbox the hardware, plug it in, set it up and turn on the device. For some, the console becomes inoperable beyond this point, as long loading screens have not allowed some consumers to install their Xbox One Day 1 patch.

Faulty Emergency Online Updates Resulting In Banned Consoles

The Xbox One requires a 500 MB Day 1 update to basically function as a games console. While for those its works for it takes a relatively short time to download (5-15 minutes, from what I’ve seen), there are some that had problems this morning performing the update. In some cases, Microsoft Support suggested to upload an Emergency Offline Update to offset the hanging logo screen problems with the OS.

In the video above, we see that the update, at the time, was not ready for widespread public release. However, after successful entering an internet connection, some users have had their console banned. The faulty update has since been removed, but consoles that have been banned might have to be replaced.

Controller Not Working For Initial Setup (Language Warning)

This video shows that, for some trying to initialize their Xbox One system, the controller does not work 100% of the time. Thankfully, rebooting the system has worked for enough people, but minor issues like this always have to be carefully monitored for the long haul. If the controller has non-function moments now, who knows what will happen down the line.

We’ll be on the lookout for more and update the story as more info comes out.


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