Couple Turns PS4 Playroom Twitch Stream Into Online Talk Show


Truly we have seen the pinnacle of 8th-generation gaming. Each PS4 comes with Augmented Reality pack-in game The Playroom, and yesterday one ambitious couple decided to go above and beyond the normal gameplay use that those little Asobi robots provide. Instead of playing around with virtual objects, they used the PlayStation Camera to create the PS4’s first call-in show, called The Spartan Show.

What started out as an attempt to hack the DualShock 3 sticks onto a DualShock 4 accidentally became a smash hit overnight, the same night that the Xbox One launched worldwide. It evolved into a talk show pretty quickly and blew up from there, taking in a bunch of callers over Google Voice.

Eventually, bigger and more prolific names started calling in. Sony head of publisher relations Adam Boyes made an appearance, Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek spoke to the hosts briefly, PlayStation Video Producer Rey Gutierrez helped raffle off a PS3 and the official PlayStation Twitter account made note of the momentous occasion. Unfortunately The Spartan Show could not reach Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, despite their best efforts.

Either way, this moment could be the start of something quite remarkable within the PS4 streaming community or just be a special case scenario. Even if nothing monumental comes out of this stream, it will forever be a cool moment in gaming.


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