Xbox One Discs and Packaging Missing Blu-ray Logo


With the Xbox One release right around the corner, I began to ponder the differences between PS4 and Xbox One discs. Microsoft has already changed the side of the discs from the right to the left inside the packaging, but what else have they changed? Then it hit me – Blu-ray logos are missing from the Xbox One discs. The Xbox One launch game discs and packaging I have, both, do not list their games as Blu-ray. Since the logos are missing, it left me to wonder, “Are the Xbox One discs even Blu-rays,” because the PS4 discs sport the Blu-ray logo on the disc and the packaging. I asked Xbox Support via Twitter if the discs are Blu-ray. I was left with the following response:

So apparently they are Blu-ray but why do the discs not have the Blu-ray logo?  Is this Microsoft slipping their last generation loss of the Blu-ray vs HD DVD era under the rug?  Seems strange they wouldn’t promote the technology they are incorporating into their systems, regardless if they lost last year’s battle. So, I decided to ask Xbox Support why the logos are missing.  I received a not so pleasant response:


So who exactly can answer this important piece of information?  I reached out to Microsoft for comment, but at the time of publication, they have not responded.  I will update you as soon as I receive a response!

Note: Thanks to Cpt Whit3y for the assistance in helping me compare the game discs and packaging!