Conan O’Brien Shows Off His Lack Of World Of Warcraft Knowledge, Skills At BlizzCon


When BlizzCon 2013 was held a few weeks ago in Anaheim, there was a special guest caster on hand for the “World of Warcraft” World Championship: late night TV host Conan O’Brien.

If you’ve seen any of Conan’s “Clueless Gamer” bits before, you probably have a good idea how it went down. O’Brien’s preparation for the big event consisted of 16 minutes of playing “WoW,” during which time he got fixated on some strange parts of the character creation process, managed to kill his character in embarrassing fashion, and received a classic stereotypical gamer response while demonstrating his total inability to blend into the game’s community.

While “World of Warcraft” has had some pretty famous people who professed to play regularly in the past (who could forget the Mr. T spots on TV?), it doesn’t appear his BlizzCon experience is going to turn O’Brien into an avid fan. Or maybe even someone who can remember the name of the game. Still, as you can see below, it was pretty funny, maybe enough that other eSports events should think about inviting the big redhead to do some guest commentating for them as well.

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