Star Lords Teaser Trailer Shows Off Epic Space Strategy


Fans of 4X strategy games are always on the lookout for good space-themed titles, and that’s exactly what Portuguese developer Arkavi Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive are working on with “Star Lords.” The game recently went through a round of external QA testing, something that Arkavi’s Mike Domingues says was a big help in moving the game forward.

“’Star Lords’ has taken big strides forward since starting our co-operation with Iceberg Interactive,” Domingues said in a recent press release. “The arranged Quality Assurance has lifted the game to a higher level, so we are extremely eager to show to 4X players very soon, hoping they will want to get involved in supplying feedback to help us take the ‘Star Lords’ experience to uncanny heights.”

The devs are promising a deep game with equal parts combat, economics, and politics, plus and AI that doesn’t “cheat,” adhering to the same rules that govern players. Players will be able to create and customize their own ship designs, and the whole game is able to be easily modded as well.

Arkavi is aiming to have “Star Lords” in the Steam Early Access program by the end of the year, but you can get a taste of what’s in store now with the teaser trailer we’ve conveniently embedded below: