PS4 Having Disc Ejection Issues


In addition to the slim amount of consumers who received DOA PlayStation 4 consoles at launch this past weekend, some users are experiencing problems when it comes to just getting their disc out of the system.

Sony has acknowledged the issue, and posted a message on the official forums about the problem. They ask that you answer the following questions in the forum thread:

  • What title were you trying to eject?
  • Were you installing any game data at the time?
  • Did you see any game or system notifications beforehand (Ready to install notifications, error messages, etc.)?
  • What troubleshooting steps did you attempt?

While the company has yet to figure out an exact cause for the faulty disc drives, the do offer users a step-by-step guide on how to manually remove a disc from the console.

The PS4 launch, while an overall success, has had problems with quite a few consoles. Sony maintains, however, that only 0.4% of systems are being affected.

So tell us Gamesiders, have you had any issues with your PS4? Leave a comment below, and let us know.


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