Super Hero Squad Online Adds Asgardian Badges, New Daily Missions


One good Asgardian deserves another. Gazillion knows this, and with “Thor: The Dark World” still going strong at the box office, it’s only natural that “Super Hero Squad Online” would get more updates with a distinctly Thor-inspired flavor.

What’s that mean, exactly? It means five new badges for various incarnations of the God of Thunder, plus one hero who isn’t from Asgard but still swings a pretty mean hammer (that’d be Beta Ray Bill).

A new rotation of Daily Missions has also been worked out, giving players some welcome variety when they log in each day. And some heroes have been buffed too, including Spider Woman, Gambit, and Samurai Wolverine.

Oh, and one more thing. Addressing the concerns of players who had trouble just playing “Super Hero Squad Online” recently as fixes were made to address stability, Gazillion is giving everyone a free week of Jr. Shield Agent Access. That essentially turns you from a free player to a subscriber for a week, which is a nice deal. You can take advantage of that perk by entering the code “JR7AGENT” right now.

This is just a hunch, but Super Hero City is probably going to get a holiday-themed update after this, so enjoy this extra dose of Asgard while it lasts. Odin thanks you for your support.