Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 11/18/13


"A trademark for Fallout 4 has been spotted, sparking speculation that Bethesda may be set to announce a new PC and next-gen version of the post-apocalyptic open world role-playing game series.The trademark, spotted by The Vault, is on the website of OHIM, the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market. OHIM governs trademarks in Europe, and has been the source of video game leaks in the past.In this case, the trademark for Fallout 4 was registered on 14th November 2013. Current speculation points to a reveal at the Spike Video Game Awards show, renamed VGX and set for the evening of Saturday, 7th December. Bethesda has a track record of unveiling debut trailers for its games there."

"Images of the Xbox One Achievement user interface have been posted online by Mike Ybarra, partner studio manager at Xbox Studios.Posted on Twitter, the shots show large tiles used to represent unlocked Achievements. Contrastingly, Xbox 360 Achievements are accompanied by very small icons.The company has spent much of November detailing Xbox One’s user interface, including its snap features, Kinect voice navigation and customisation."


"I seem to conduct Eve: Online interviews every other month, but the insight never ceases to impress me. As I type this my brain is aching from what I’ve just learned, and trying to imagine exactly what’s going to happen once new expansion Rubicon lands on the servers. It’s incredibly smart.Here’s the rub: Basically, developer CCP Games is adding a whole new sector of space into the Eve Online universe, but exactly how Capsuleers get there is shrouded in mystery. The only clue given to me by chief marketing officer David Reid is that corporations will have to construct a new type of Star Gate capable of taking them there. What lies on the other side is – for the time being – a heavily-guarded secret."