Killer Instinct Review Roundup


The PS4 has had its fun in the sun, but this week it is the Xbox One’s time to shine. Killer Instinct is just one of the first games to have reviews released to the public for critical thought, and we will see if reviewers liked what Double Helix brought to the table.

Later this week I will have my own first impressions of Killer Instinct, but suffice to say at the very least I enjoyed myself. Microsoft will be releasing this 2.5D fighter in multiple ways. The first includes a free-to-play version, in which you get to play one rotating character. A $20 version includes all 8 Season 1 characters (6 at launch, 2 to appear later). The $40 version includes alt costumes, accessory packs, classic KI and early access to future content.

All of these editions are download only (3 GB file size), while a $60 version at Microsoft stores includes a premium case and a pin collection.

With that in mind, let’s see what reviewers thought of Killer Instinct.


Joystiq: 3/5



Official Xbox Magazine7.5/10

GameReactor UK7/10



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