World Of Warplanes Zooms Out Of Beta With First To The Top Event


Yeah, yeah, we know you’ve been busy either trying out, salivating over, or complaining about the PS4 (and possibly all three at various times!) over the past couple of days. It’s very possible you’ve overlooked the fact that “World of Warplanes” graduated from open beta and is now live. So what, right? There will be plenty of time to play it later.

That may be true, but is giving people every reason to try out its aerial combat MMO right now. That’s because the “First to the Top” event, running right now through November 26, rewards all the early adopters out there with the promise of free Premium account time: up to one year for the top pilots, and an eyebrow-raising ten years for the first person to unlock and purchase a Tier X plane.

The full details are here, but suffice it to say that anyone who even makes it to Tier V during the event can earn at least a little free Premium time. From personal experience playing “World of Tanks,” that’s really not too hard.

If you just can’t tear yourself away from your new Sony console, Wargaming is promising more events for “Thanksgiving and beyond.” And since Premium accounts are now unified between “World of Warplanes” and “World of Tanks,” gold and benefits earned in one game can be used in the other.

“World of Warplanes” does have slightly more substantial minimum system requirements than its land-based cousin, but it comes at the same great price: free. If you make some time to check it out, it just might become the perfect break from new console mania over the next few weeks.