Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 11/16/13


"Remember when Sony launched a video game console that cost $599? It didn’t take long before the company tried to figure out ways to cut down the price of the system. Nine months after the launch of PS3, the company released a $499 model, one that removed hardware-based PS2 backwards compatibility and the built-in flash card reader. It also included a game and a larger hard drive.It’s unlikely PS4 will be so quick to drop its price, Sony points out. Why? Because it’s so cheap to begin with, of course. “Our hardware teams have chosen more standardized components to create PlayStation 4 and that’s contributing to our launch price of $399 versus $599 for the PS3,” Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida said."


"With game of the year season rapidly approaching, it’s almost time for everyone favorite holiday tradition… The Spike TV Video Game Awards. Cue show organizer and GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley, who announced on Twitter last night that Spike was changing a few parts of the show, starting with its name.The Spike TV Video Game Awards are now to be referred to as VGX. Whatever you prefer to call it, the show will be shown on Spike TV and stream across a wide array of digital platforms when it airs December 7 at 6pm Eastern."

The Escapist

"Capcom has said Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released on consoles internationally ‘soon after’ the game’s debut in Japanese arcades.The publisher confirmed on Friday that the game will hit arcades in Japan in April 2014. Digital versions for consoles will go live in North America and Europe “soon after” that.While holding off giving an exact release, the firm says the game will be out before 2014’s Evo tournament, which takes place July 11-13."